Perfect is a site-specific work created for the exhibition Means of Production, curated by Lunch Hour. The exhibition is located within a warehouse shared by Shisanwu LLC and Sheerly Touch-Ya.

The five-pointed star is inherently an oversimplification. It is the compression of a real star—an ancient, immeasurable astronomical entity—into a digestible, easily-reproduced symbol often appearing in human political contexts: flags, propaganda, social movements, etc.

Perfect is comprised of two human-sized stars made from Sheerly Touch-Ya packaging, nailed to the wall and staggered like a pair of splayed-out figures. The staggered positioning raises questions about the political implications of the star iconography. Are these stars representing a power imbalance? Are the stars in coalition, or in competition?

Photo by Daniel Terna.
Approx. 78 in x 128 in

Sheerly Touch-Ya paper packaging, glue, acrylic paint, graphite, staples

Photo by Daniel Terna.
Perfect (detail)

Photo by Daniel Terna.Perfect (detail)

Photo by Daniel Terna.Installation view of Perfect