Finnick Odair’s Trident
47 in x 50 in

Soy milk, raw pigments, bleach, and embroidered plastic bags on woven cotton and polyester (sourced from bed sheets); cotton and polyester fabric scraps; rope; kitchen twine; wood beads; wood dowel; curtain rod; artificial flowers; carabiners; grommets; polypropylene straps

Garden at night
26.5 in x 34.5 in

Ink and pigmented inkjet heat transfer on cotton; used canvas dropcloth; thread

25 in x 80 in

Graphite, colored pencil, and coffee on paper

Proposal for a flag or banner of the temporary and the never-ending
25 in x 34 in

Acrylic and inkjet heat transfer on found fabric; grommets; hand towel; used canvas dropcloth; painters tape; superglue; thread

42 in x 45 in

Hand-spun cotton cord embroidered (couched) to used towel; thread; super glue; wood glue; straps; grommets; wood dowels; kitchen twine; fabric and yarn scraps; rope; paracord; keychains; carabiners; artificial leaves and flowers

View from the water
24 in x 33 in

Soy milk, organic indigo, pigmented inkjet heat transfer, graphite, and colored pencil on starched cotton/polyester (sourced from used bed sheet); canvas dropcloth; acrylic paint; painters tape; masking tape; superglue; thread

Beginnings of a garden
24 in x 48 in x 10 in

Graphite and wall paint on drywall panels mounted to plywood; laminated inkjet print; superglue; painters tape; old clothing; pineapple

One pair of many
54 in x 48 in

Soy milk, raw pigments, and embroidered cotton (sourced from t-shirts and socks) on woven cotton, polyester, and banana fibers; braided plastic bags; cotton fabric scraps; kitchen twine; jute twine; yarn; rope; wood beads; artificial flowers and leaves; keychains; curtain rod; carabiners; grommets; polypropylene straps

The scent of bien-être eau de lavande naturelle
29 in x 25 in

Soy milk, dry pigments, ink, graphite, and pigmented inkjet heat transfer on cotton/polyester (sourced from used bed sheet); used canvas dropcloth; painters tape; acrylic paint; superglue; thread

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